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Instantel Hugs™ System

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Air Purifier


Air Purifier WAP-6000

P Outstanding Air Purification Capacity
The RC ion precipitation method, developed by the Matsushita Group of Japan, is a hi-tech method that far surpasses ordinary electrostatic filters in air purification capacity.
P Ultrasensitive Smog Sensor
Our smog sensor senses not only particle substances in indoor air such as mold spores and fine dust particles but cigarette smoke and various hazardous gases as well.
P Improved Air Filtration with the Composite Deodorizing Filter
By using the composite deodorizing filter, which filters out not only hazardous gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfite gas but various unpleasant smells due to food and cigarette smoke, we have improved the air filtration power of our air purifier even more.
P Electrostatic Antibiotic Pre-Filters

By using electrostatic and antibiotic materials, our pre-filters filter out dust particles measuring over 0.3 and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in the trapped dust.
P Air Ionizer
By generating large amounts of anions, our air ionizer provides fresh, healthful indoors.
P Easy-to-Read Display Lamps
Thanks to our easy-to-read display lamps, you can check the operation-including air pollution level, air quantity, product malfunction, the time to cleaning the RC ion precipitation filters, pre-set time, and the number of anions-of this product at a glance. In addition, all functions are controlled and regulated by MICOM technology.
P Safety Function
In order to ensure consumer safety, we have attached a device that shuts power supply when the rear door of this product is open, thus completely discharging high voltage currents.


Maxivox inc
nurse call system

Maxicomm nurse call system is so remarkable user friendly. The logical & constant key sequences enable a new user to master its full potential w/in minutes clear & bright messages display eliminates confusion & ambiguity; specific ring tones & visual signals leaving to optimum staff intervention.


Instantel Hugs™ System
providing fully supervised tamper proof infant protection

The Instantel Hugs System protects infants and children from abduction in maternity wards and nurseries.

Infants or children wear a comfortable and unobtrusive tag. Alarms are generated if the tag bracelet is cut or tampered with, if the infant is moved to an unauthorized zone, or if the tag's singal is no longer detected.

The system can be made to activate other devices such as cameras, door locks, public address systems, pagers, sirens, elevators or other alarms. Tags are re-useable and have a one year life. They are completely waterproof and can be cleaned.






WatchMate System
offering advanced resident wander protection

The WatchMate system, based on the award winning WatchMate technology, offers advanced resident wander protection in an economical system.

An inconspicuous ceiling or wall-mounted Monitor, with a unique high-frequency FM design, eliminates false alarms. Motorized wheelchairs, lighting, video terminals, and vacuum cleaners may cause false alarms on other system but have no effect on WatchMate. Jamming and nuisance alarms are greatly reduced.

The system is easily installed and operated. All facilities, regardless of size or number of residents, can be protected. Proven performance and superb value, backed by Instantel's authorized dealers and distributor network, have made WatchMate the choice for wandering resident protection.