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Ideal for Bio-chem Analyzers. Various system size available for different water consumption rate & operation modules

Federal offers an exclusive line of professional, user-friendly and cost-saving demonized water treatment products for medical applications.

We are the leading suppliers & quality service provider for public & private clinical laboratories in Hong Kong and Macau.

We have over 10 years experience in 1 to 18 megohm ultra pure water technologies.

We are proud to present the following series which have corporate with our advance automatic contingency features:
  • 18 megohm. 15-100 gallon-per-day ultra pure water system

  • 1-15 megohm. 200-800 gallon-per-day reverse osmosis plus demonized pure water system

  • 1 megohm. 2 gallon-per-minute demonized pure water systemIdeal for bio-chem analyzers.

November 2003

Special thanks to:

Roche for introducing our deionized water systems for modular at Queen Mary Hospital